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Beta Public Test Server - Mr Karan - 12-04-2021

On December 17, 2021 06:00 PM, we will open a public test server for our new 3D client. All problems with its launch should be directed to us through the dedicated tab in the client * bug report *. We know that the client requires a few more improvements, such as reducing the consumption of your computer's resources. At the moment, the client needs a fairly powerful computer to maintain a large amount of FPS. The stability and lightness of the client will appear with each update. And these take place every few days in the "Beta Test Server" phase.


Hardware issues:
Client launch issues on different platforms and hardware.

PVP 3D feedback:
The most important issue for us is the feedback related to the game itself. Exposure, lvl acquisition, questing, but most importantly PVP information, the challenges of the fight in the new 3D client, new camera opportunities, aiming, hotkey use or not.

Ideas and Insights:

We know you are always a very committed group in RonIT projects. Your fresh ideas have always inspired us. We count on you and this time!


Instruction link

Client link

Discord link

Forum link: subdivision / ideas

Forum link: sudivision / PVP

Forum link: subdivision / technical


STAGE I - Acquaintance with the client:
17/12/2021 - X?
pvp > 100lvl , loot: x 2, skills leveling: x 1, 

RE: Beta Public Test Server - Erto - 12-18-2021

I downloaded the client, but it wont work