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For a starters! - Ron - 04-24-2021

Welcome traveler!

We dare you to give it a try!

There were a lot of rumors about Tibia 3D in the past. Approximately the same amount of voters heralded potential success to the project as in oppose to the other half, claiming it's going to inevitably kill Tibia's "old-school" climate. We are a group of developers who played Tibia in the past. We've heard all of that before, we've been there. We are still running one of the oldest and most stable Tibia server: RonOTS. And we dare you to give it a try!


Our official server start will happen on Dec 4, 2021, but before then we want to drag you in couple of events:
  • Battle Server #1, Jul 3
  • Battle Server #2, Aug 7
  • Battle Server #3, Sep 4
  • Battle Server #4, Oct 2
  • RPG Test Server, Nov 7
  • Official Start, Dec 4
The number of slots will be limited. We will be sending invitations to the players who registered first.


There will be some rewards for the players who decide to register rather sooner than later:
  • First 100 players will receive unique artifacts in game, which you won't be able to acquire in any other way. These artifacts will be giving your character a boost, which we won't disclose at this time.

3Dragons team consists of 4x professional developers, 1x 3D artist, 2x mappers & level designer, 1x story writer, 1x graphic designer and 1x game tester, but we're still looking for people who could help us to:
  1. Moderate our forum: if you have proven history of working as a moderator in the past and would like to jump on board, we'd love to talk to you!
  2. Advertise project through social media / YouTube:  if you have your own YT channel or Facebook page and you'd like to help us to advertise the project, let us know!
  3. Create software: if you are skilled in programming (Unity / C++ / Lua) and you'd like to give yourself a try in "gamedev", please, reach out!
See you in game!

RE: For a starters! - Ron - 04-28-2021


RE: For a starters! - Sartian - 06-14-2021

Thank you guys!! My dream of playing tibia with better graphics is about to come true. Heart

RE: For a starters! - SirPolewacz - 06-17-2021

I want to play!!!!

RE: For a starters! - suzuki - 06-20-2021

Would like to play

RE: For a starters! - Ron - 07-05-2021

Alpha test server will start tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

RE: For a starters! - wHYdUCK - 07-06-2021

od której godziny do której będzie stał server ??

RE: For a starters! - SteelMike - 07-07-2021

I was 37th in registration, but no info about alpha tests. :/

RE: For a starters! - Mikrob - 08-01-2021

ja też nie dostałem żadnego info a byłem 80+