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Rules - czarnowidz - 04-22-2021


§ 1 General Regulations.

1. These Regulations define the terms of use of the site 3dragons.games, hereinafter called 3Dragons. It includes all the servers of 3Dragonsand forum located at http://wwwforum.3dragons.games/, hereinafter referred to as the forum, alltogether with all the parties which make up the forum.

2. Use of 3Dragons is equivalent to accepting the following regulations. This applies to both forum and the game.

3. All the files available on the forum are owned by the user who made them available. Administrator does not take liability in any case of infringement of copyright by any user.

4. The administrator does not guarantee the correct operation of the service, and takes no liability for any damage caused during the use of the server, as well as any other application that is used to connect to the service.

5. For violating the Regulations there is a penalty in the form of warnings, as well as character banishments in the game. If the user reaches the warning level of 80%, he will be denied the ability to write in the forum. However, if the warning level reaches 100%, the account will be blocked FOREVER, both in game and on the forum.

6. User warnings become barred after the lapse of time depending on the offense.

7. The length of the ban in the game is dependent on the prior history of bans. And the formula is length + length of the previous one. For example, the figure is banned for the second time where the first bot ban lasts 10 days, the figure will be banned for another 20 days for the bot ban is 30 days, etc.

8. By creating an account in game at the same time you create one on the forum. All activities carried out on the forum have consequences in game and vice versa.

9. It is not allowed to create accounts with names: vulgar, containing racist, nazi or fascist content, as well as affecting the good name of third parties.

10. It is forbidden to trade entire accounts, however it is permitted to trade characters by using the act of ownership.

11. It is forbidden to share accounts, the account can only be used by it's creator.

12. Advertising products which are not derived from the company Ronit is prohibited within the site, and the game itself - without the permission of the administrators. Failure to abide to this regulation will be punished with a warning of up to 20%, with the limitation period of 3 months in game ban from 1 day.

13. Service may not take into account the evidence submitted by the players in the form of screenshots, movies and recordings of any other type, if they raise doubts about their authenticity.

14. Using our services is free of charge, although there is a possibility of receiving Premium Points which can be exchanged for Premium Items. About how to reach Premium Points you can read: Premium Options. About how to exchange Premium Points for Premium Items you can read: Premium Shop.

15. Administrator reserves the right to change the regulations. Any such change will be made public at the official site of the project https://3dragons.games, one week ahead. Players who will not agree with these changes will have the right to delete their accounts. Continuing playing on the server is equivalent to acceptance of these rules.

§ 2 Forum

1. The use of cursewords and insulting other forum members, and expressing racist, nazi or fascist views will be punished with Warning up to 10% with limitation period of 3 months in game from 1 day.

2. Any post considered to be spam will be punished with a warning of up to 10% with a limitation of three months in game from 1 day. Spam refers to posting under your previous post (in case when you want to add something to the previous post use the EDIT option), and writing posts which are not relevant or bring nothing new to the topic.

3. Expressing your views in any matter should have elements of rational thinking. Criticism offending human dignity is punishable by warnings of up to 10% with the limitation period of three months.

4. Before starting a new thread user is required to check whether
the same thread has not been established previously (for this purpose, use search option). If you write about something similar to the existing thread, you may be issued a warning up to 10% with one month limitation period, and the thread will be deleted.

5. If your thread is closed or disappeared, that means it broke the Forum Rules. Do not post it again. If a user posts again a deleted thread he will be issued a warning of up to 10%, and the thread will be removed again.

6. In a signature it is prohibited to insert any content that might insult other people, or might be the subject of discussion and unnecessary tensions. In addition, the signature should not be higher than the image with a height of 300 pixels, whether in the signature there are pictures, pictures and text, or text itself. In addition, if you want to use images in your signature, make sure that their total size does not exceed 200KB.

7. Avatar size can not exceed 150 x 150 pixels.

8. It is forbidden to use avatars (as well as signatures and other images) that are vulgar, sexual or that are offending other people. Violating this point will be punished with a warning of up to 20%.

9. It is prohibited to use avatars similar to the admin's and moderator's avatars (and avatars similar to admins and moderators). Violating this point will be punished with a warning of up to 30%.

10. It is forbidden to use photos of authentic 3Dragons players in the avatars / signatures and posts without the prior consent of the person placed in the photograph. Not adhering to this point will be punished with a warning of up to 20%.

§ 3 Game.

1. General.

a. Created by player character may be erased or taken to re-use by the Administrator if it will be classified as "Not Used". Your character can be classified as "Not Used" only if:
- Your character level is 100 or below and it didn't login for 3 months or more,
- Your character level is above 100 and it didn't login for 6 months or more.

2. Naming.

a. It is forbidden to create a character with name that is: vulgar, offensive to other users, and which contain racist, fascist or nazi content. Such character will be irreversibly deleted, and its creator will receive a warning of up to 10% with the limitation period of 1 month.

b. It is forbidden to create a character with name which may in any way resemble a member of the server's staff. This particularly means putting two-letter prefix before the nickname (HB, MG, MC, RT, BK, etc). Such character will be irreversibly deleted, and its creator will receive a warning of up to 40% with the limitation period of 6 months.

3. Chat.

a. Spam on any public channel of the game will be punished with a banishment of from 1 day, and a warning of up to 10% with the limitation period of 1 months. Spam refers to sending more than one message with the same or similar content in less than one minute. Aside from that it is also considered to a spam to send any commercial offers on channels: Game Chat, and Help Channel. By commercial offers we understand and buy / sale offers and also offering any hunting services, paid quest clearing services and quest helping services.

b. It is forbidden to insult other players, cursing, and expressing racist, nazi or fascist views, in the game on any channel. In such case, the character will be banned from 1 days, and the account will receive a warning of up to 10% with the limitation period of 1 month.

4. Support.

a. Supervising the order of the server is done by so-called The lower support, which includes observers with the nickname prefix BH, and senators with the prefix TR. It is for them to report any current issues. By contrast, higher support (GM, CM) are responsible for the technical side of the server.

b. Players are able to verify which members of the service are currently online. To do this, use the command !service.

c. Players must respond immediately to any members of the staff. Exception are the situations where the answer is not possible (fighting a monster or player) and when the player is away from the computer (and does not engage in any activities). Otherwise, it is considered that the player uses  third party software to support his gameplay referred to in paragraph 5.

d. Members of service will never asks for information necessary to log in to your account. In such case, if someone says he is from the service and asks for your personal data ignore that person and report the whole situation to the proper members of the service.

5. Illegal software.

a. Using any macro programs to help yourself out. Applies to all forms of activity: movement, training and gaining experience.

b. It is prohibited to use any bots. By determining the Bot we understand any program which modifies the behavior of the character or his environment (faster shooting, walking faster, performing any actions automatically, etc...)

c. Programs aimed ONLY for ingame calculations (exp per hour, the average number of killed monsters, etc.) which do not in any way modify the gameplay are not bots and their use is not punishable.

d. The use of illegal software will be punished with a 30 days banishment for the character which used the illegal software as well as warning the entire account up to 30% with the limitation period of 12 months.

5. The player is required to report any bugs and possible server failures to the administrator. In case that player will use the server errors for his own benefit, he may be issued a warning of up to 100%, depending on the offense.