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Welcome to 3Dragons World! - czarnowidz - 04-14-2021

The beginning

If you have ever played Tibia, you will most likely understand right away what 3dragons.games is. In fewer words ever: it is a remastered, 3D, modern version of Tibia game enriched with a couple of new systems. For these, who are not familiar with the world of Tibia, let me briefly introduce you:

3dragons is a 3D massive multiplayer online role playing game in which your character roams foreign, fantasy world ruled by three factions of feuding dragons. You are being forced to train yourself quickly to put up resistance against these evil forces. As you get more familiar with the surroundings, you’ll possess the knowledge about how to use different kinds of weapons, including long time forgotten by many - magic spells.

You will be given an opportunity to complete numerous quests and kill various creatures you’d never imagine in your most horrible dreams. That will give you an experience, which then will make your character more powerful and most importantly - more deadly. Eventually, it’s up to you whether you’ll become a hero or a villain.

On top of that adventure you want to make allies, as this will significantly increase your chance to stay alive. The game will reward those who can make strong connections and advance their positions in the guilds they create.

This is a quick list 3Dragons game will consist of
  • New 3D graphics: all of the graphics have been refurbished and replaced with corresponding 3D models for which we used high quality textures.
  • Animations: most of the people who ever played Tibia in some point must have wondered: why is it so poor in animations? We’d like to address that seriously, so we added proper animations for: attacks, receiving damage or dying.
  • Cinematic camera: having 3D game, how come one could not have thought about adding to it a little bit more “spice”. The camera will have some pre-defined movements which we will be able to release manually or on certain actions like: logging in, dying, making critical damage. It will bring the game to a completely different graphical level.
  • Sound: we think that sound is quite important, therefore when you hit, there should be audible metal clash sound, when you put some on fire, there should be flames sound, etc.
  • Guild system: we’d like it to be innovative, we’d like it to be as nowhere else. Through the guild system we want to encourage you to make allies and wars, to advance in the hierarchy not only to shine with your new title, but to gain respect and some important benefits.
  • Improving your items: while the main goal of Tibia was to improve your character, we’d like to put the same importance for the items. Through the special gems, you will be able to level up and add options to your items.
  • Stability: optimization process, reviewing all main algorithms and conducting numerous stress tests is the thing we treat seriously. We’re not just the players, our team is professional software developers with 10+ years of professional experience. We’ll do our best to provide a good experience for all our players.
  • More ways you can develop your character: we think that rethinking the way you develop your character is a thing to do. For this matter, we’d like to change vocations you’ve known before and propose something new.
  • Market & trading: we’d like to unify the way players can trade and allow them to sell: items, houses or their own characters in a more convenient way.
  • International support: the game by default will be in english language and all support we will provide for the game will be in this language as well. If you still think like it’s not your thing, there will be separated groups for people speaking different languages.
  • Easy to start, getting harder with time: we’d like to provide an easy start for beginners with tutorials, but you’ll have to learn fast, as the game will become harder with each gained level.
  • Game world: what a surprise, there will be few towns and the story line that plots all important places.
  • Multiplatform: one of the most challenging things to achieve will be to add multiplatform support, which in few words means we’d like you to be able to play on any device you want to: a phone, a computer, xbox or ps. We can now achieve that, because we based our client on Unity framework. With few single clicks we can deploy it to any platform we want to. The hard part is to optimize it and make clear, simple and reliable UI for these.